What We Do:

We have been teaching piano in the Western suburbs for over 35 years.

The teaching that we provide is of a high standard with a strong focus on technique and a detailed approach to musical interpretation and musical expression.
We encourage our students to practice daily and give their maximum effort during lessons and at home.
For younger students it is essential that parents guide their children during home practice throughout the early stages as this will help them get into good habits from a young age.
We are great with kids and know how to get results quickly. Trevor has a Working with Children Card.
A favourite song that you want to play? Using easy play music you can get the tune happening without all the technical difficulties.

How We Do It:

Ages: 7 – 70. Lessons are perfect for children or adults starting to learn and for those re-visiting the joys of piano playing.

Improving finger technique and hand positions, and practising exercises to strengthen your hands. Music theory including understanding notes and chords.
Practising music reading and rhythm skills so you can pick up any piece of music and play it straight away while playing in perfect time without pauses.
Strengthen your aural and listening skills so you can recognise notes and chords and learn songs by ear.

Develop advanced concepts like improvisation and music creation to help you develop your own solos and help you create your own music. Learning to play music is not just about pressing the keys, you need to understand the music and the emotion behind the sound.
How far you want to take your own music is entirely up to you. Just remember that we are here to support you and help you whatever your goals may be.
Everyone has different expectations when they decide to learn a new instrument. Some students simply want to do it for self enjoyment and to learn a new skill, others have aspirations to pursue a career in music and develop themselves as performing and recording artists.
Whether you are starting out or have learnt before, we would be happy to hear from you.


Located just west of Perth City, in Daglish, near Subiaco

We are an easy 5 minute walk from Daglish train station. Or, if you prefer to drive, the Mitchell Freeway provides excellent access for students in the Northern Suburbs corridor, while Stirling Highway provides great access for students in the Western Suburbs. Parking is easy.

Map of the Area

How Much Does it Cost?

$30 per half hour

Half hour lessons suit beginners while more advanced students require longer lessons.

What to do next?

Don’t let the only person to hold you back be you!

Step 1. Call Trevor on 0400 090 848 today

Step 2. Start living your dream

Step 3. Have fun and enjoy the experience!