• A

    Easy play, contemporary, jazz, blues, pop, gospel, boogie, country.

  • B

    Contemporary Lessons:
    These lessons cover chord structure, chord progressions, melody, song structure, rhythm and feel, songwriting.

  • C

    Jazz lessons:
    Focussed on technique and improvisation, students will learn to follow lead/chord sheets and create their own jazz improvisations. Sometimes students will build on their skills in improvising along with backing tracks and learning to appreciate some of the great jazz music of the 20th Century.

Learn to Play the Piano Today!

Learning to play piano is a life skill, which pays an ongoing dividend of never ending pleasure.

With a little tuition and a bit of practice, anyone can do it!
Psychologists will tell you that it’s not only great for the soul, but a great builder of self-esteem, as well.
Those who have it are envied, and often revered, by their peers.
Those who have had it, but have let the opportunity go, invariably will tell you how they regret letting it go.
So many of the best singers, songwriters, and musicians, of all types, in the world today, owe their success to their ability to be able to play acoustic piano and keyboards as their core musical instruments.
If you have a dream of learning music, or you have a child with a dream of learning music, and you’re not too sure what to do next, or perhaps you even feel a little intimidated, just pick up the phone and call us. Let us walk you through the simple steps required to get you started.
It’s that easy.
Our teaching method is a proven and logical, step by step system. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you are playing your favourite songs.
Whatever your musical preference - contemporary, rock, jazz, blues, or other genres, let us show you how quickly and easily you can be playing your favourite songs and surprising your friends with your new found piano and keyboard skills.
Not only do we teach piano and keyboard, you will also learn musical theory as part of your tuition, which is essential for getting the best from yourself, as well as from your instrument.

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