Did You Know?

Paul McCartney is credited as the writer on a total of 32 number one hits in the US and 28 in the UK (Co-Written). More than any other artist.

Songwriting and Recording


If you want to learn the art and craft of songwriting then come and talk to us. It has been our passion for over 35 years.

Many people have a musical or lyrical idea that they like to make into a song. It's a question of development. Usually the first 4 bars or opening lyric is good; it has arrived through inspiration. However where to take it is the task. Many a good idea has crashed and burned through bad development.

The Bee Gees sometimes would spend weeks trying to write bars 5 – 8. Here the song has to rise. It has to keep evolving, unfolding. The listener has to be held captive and not be allowed to walk away. We must endeavour to draw an emotional response.

If you wish to write quality songs, what you'll need is harmonic knowledge. To understand the intervallic rise and fall of the chord changes. The tension and release. The surprise chord. The twists and turns that lead you on a magical mystery tour.

Lyrically you'll need to look at the storyline, maybe some ambiguity, some metaphors, a whisk of poetry, the rhyme, the rhythm, the metre.

My Musical

At present we are completing a Musical of original works at Perth Sound Recording Studios with Chelsea J Gibson. It's all sounding excellent. More information will be available soon. Watch this space.